Our Mission

The Tao Applied LLC is the very best in incorporating ancient tried and tested meditations of movement and sitting and applying them to everyday world experiences. Transforming corporate and educational systems into fluid, connected, stimulating and creative environments, where life goals and life purpose merge.

This company enhances the Lifestyles of executives and associates by providing them with patented formulas to health and longevity. Enabling corporations to grow beyond their limitations and making their impossibilities a reality.

Corporate Clients


Will Quivers of Grogan & Graffam Law firm

Grogan and Graffam Law Firm

My name is Will Quivers, I am the manager of the operations center at Grogan Graffam Law Firm in downtown Pittsburgh. Sifu Randolph convinced me to try some things out little by little, once he showed me the certain aspects of Tai-chi, total mind and body relaxation, the true meaning of "rooting" yourself to the ground, learning to breathe in such a way it generates an indescribable feeling on the inside of your whole body that will produce massive amounts of energy (chi) that will help in producing something we all have inside of us untapped which is called (jing) power! I've been with him since 08/26/2008 and looks like I will be here for quite some time to come!! Better health, better awareness of the mind and body becoming one with the earth. Learning the true meaning of weight transfer, understanding certain applications of this style to use in self-defense! It will even help erectile dysfunction! wow!! I'm sold on Tai-Chi....

The Team



Brad DaBoll-Lavoie / Student / Certified Teacher


under construction






Algie Copeland / Videographer

Algie Copeland

Algie Copeland was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He is happily married to Alyssa Copeland, and is a guinea pig for her culinary experiments. He was a production assistant for three episodes of Agent Emes, a local Yeshiva Jewish adventure series. He is a videographer for The Tao Applied, and is also working on two scripts for Abstract View Productions. He is a bit of a Cineophile, and also enjoys older Anime, drawing and ignoring temporal mechanics.

Alyssa Copeland / Assistant Videographer & Designer

Alyssa Copeland

Alyssa Copeland took 3 years of vocational Graphic Design classes in high school before attending Penn State for Japanese and Korean. Her favorite thing in the world is learning other languages; she speaks a decent amount of Spanish, and can mostly understand Dutch and German. She loves experimenting with colors, and various techniques, such as opacity, lens flare, and various foods. Her husband is a willing guinea pig for the latter. She also has a passion for reading, kittens, and playing Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII. She is happily married to Mr. Copeland, and lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Catherine Dawgert / Massage Therapist

Catherine Dawgert

Catherine Dawgert trained at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. In her three years as a working massage therapist, she has developed a unique style that blends intuition, creativity and experince and and knowledge of th ebody and a variety of massage techniques.  She has worked in chiropractic, hospice, spa, private practice, corporate and university settings.

Matthew Gaitens / Massage Therapist

Matthew Gaitens

Matthew Gaitens was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and he has pretty much remained a homeboy.  He works as a massage therapist, writes and teaches creative writing.  He enjoys spending time with his daughter and singing with the birds to the trees.  

He specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, and Reflexology modalities, incorporating into each the basic principles of Qi Gong and the universe principle of compassionate energy healing.

Lori Grable / Yoga Instructor

Lori Grable

Lori Grable, RYT first began practicing yoga in 2000 while living in Santa Barbara, CA. After developing a regular practice and recognizing the importance of yoga in her life, Lori began teaching in 2005.  She is registered with the Yoga Alliance and is continuing to further her yoga education through an advanced teacher certification program.  Lori teaches Hatha yoga and has also studied under Iyengar and Anusara teachers.  She teaches weekly classes at two local studios and teaches private and small group lessons in various settings.  Lori has a love for Restorative yoga and enjoys sharing the therapeutic benefits of yoga with all students.

Larry Lee Jr. / Massage Therapist

Larry Lee Jr

Has been practicing massage modalities since 2005. The forms of massage practiced are Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, shiatsu, pregnancy and infant massage. (teaching how to give them too) acupressure and certified in hot stone massage. His main objective is to provide comfort for therapeutic purposes.

Tom Menditto / Speaker / Teacher

Tom Menditto

Mr. Menditto is a ADHD Master Coach, Tai Chi Teacher, and speaker. He is also the owner of The Dao Center LLC which has served fortune 500’s, non-profits, wellness centers, and many private clients seeking wellness and peace. He focuses his work on helping kids unleash their magic and rise to their potential. He has created and taught innovative youth programming for Propel Charter Schools, YMCA, Early Education of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Public Schools, the Hill House, and Community Centers in the Hill District. Mr. Menditto is also living proof of his expertise in self-mastery as he has completely overcome 6 mental illnesses including ADD/ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, and Tourettes being 12 years symptom and medication free through the methods, practices, and techniques that he now teaches to others.

Sarah Nielsen / Chief Architectural Designer / Certified Teacher

Sarah Nielsen

under construction

Eric Randolph / Founder / Master Teacher

Sifu Eric Randolph

TaijiAdept Eric Randolph has trained under Sifu Glenn Hairston for 20 years in Taiji Quan. Mr. Randolph has instructed Taiji Quan at University of Pittsburgh, University of Carnegie Mellon, and Three Rivers Fitness.


He has professional membership to Specialist Defensive Training and the Bending Bamboo Taijiquan Association. Mr. Randolph received the Gold in Moving Hands and the Bronze in the Fixed competition at the Baltimore Maryland International Wushu kungfu Championships in 2000. He also took both Silvers in the Mah Lee Kow IWF in 2002 for the same events. He also is the uke in the 5 star video Internal Damage Advanced Tai Chi chuan For Combat. He owns his corporation known as The Tao Applied. His corporation specializes in assisting Corporate Executives with the creation of a healthy high efficiency performance package within the workplace. His students took gold in all of the sensing hand weight classes up in Brooklyn, New York in The Open Martial Arts Championship the summer of 2010.

Chris Tucker / Head of Operations / Certified Teacher


Natal Chart interpreter. Black Magikan (studied under Madame GreyStar at age 13). Lifelong Alkhemist/Great Work specialist. Philadelphian.


What is the Tao?

Tao or Dao is a metaphysical concept originating in Daoism that has been adopted in Confucianism, Chán and Zen Buddhism and more broadly in East Asian religions and ancient Chinese philosophy ...more from wikipedia

Our Company

The Tao Applied is a Pittsburgh limited liability company established in 2008 by TaijiAdept Eric Randolph.

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